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Buying a Home

For most people, buying a home is the largest and most significant financial commitment they will make in their entire lives.  Yet, increasingly these transactions are handled by persons who are not attorneys. Furthermore, many such transactions are handled by title agents whose primary loyalty may be to the referring realtor or financial institution. Think also about this. If you, the Buyer, have a disagreement with the Seller, at or prior to settlement, the settlement agent, unless he or she is your attorney, cannot represent you or advocate for you.

Our Experience

Greg Reed has forty two (42) years of experience in real estate transactions. Unlike many settlement agents, Attorney Reed gained experience by actually doing title searches.  He has searched hundreds upon hundreds of titles. He has experience ranging from clearing title, drafting deeds, satisfying liens and creating and perfecting security instruments. Real Estate transactions often carry with them complications which require expertise and understanding. Our office will facilitate your real estate transaction and represent your interest whether you are the buyer or seller.

Use an Attorney 

You have the absolute right, in any home purchase transaction, to be represented by an attorney of your choosing. Better yet, in almost every situation, we can represent you at no additional cost. If you can be represented by your own attorney, at no additional cost, why wouldn’t you?

No Additional Cost

How can the purchaser of a home be represented by an attorney of his choosing at no additional cost?  Because we facilitate the issuance of title insurance. If you choose us, we do the title search, handle the settlement and issue the title insurance at or about the same regulated rates as all title agencies in Pennsylvania.


In fact, in most cases, you pay less to be represented by us because we normally do not impose on you nuisance charges such as notary fees, document downloading fees and other similar charges.

Title Insurance / Settlements

As a title agent, our office will issue the required title insurance and hold your settlement.  This brings tremendous value to the clients since they receive the benefit of an attorney holding their settlement and looking out for their best interest.

Unsolicited Written Testimonials From Clients Regarding Real Estate Transactions:

- “Mr. Reed, just wanted to let you know we appreciate all the work that went into our closing yesterday.  The transaction was smooth and the bit of humor kept it light” Real Estate Client


- “Dear Greg, just a note to say thank you for your kindness, help and warm hospitality during the closing for our house.  We are so glad Ed recommended you. Real Estate Client


- “Dear Greg, Bill and I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help us to own our own home.  It was truly a relief to know you were handling all that paperwork and legalities that we have no understanding of…..It was all very confusing at times, but what it all comes down to is that we’re finally home!” Real Estate Client


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