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Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

Advances in technology have allowed gas exploration companies to drill for and generate natural gas in shale deposits in Pennsylvania called “Marcellus", "Utica" and others as well as oil in some cases. Not long ago, “Marcellus shale” was only a potential source of natural gas. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is blessed with large shale deposits, particularly in the Northeastern and Western portions of the state.


The first big “gas play” of this nature took place in Fort Worth, Texas, in what is called the Barnett Shale. Techniques used in the successful drilling for natural gas in the Barnett were brought to Pennsylvania. This is an exciting time, not only for landowners of Pennsylvania but for all Commonwealth residents who will benefit from the economic gains created by investment on infrastructures such as roads and pipelines.

Our Experience:

Josh Reed’s experience in the Barnett Shale and Marcellus Shale and his experience with the Pennsylvania gas industry makes our firm well suited to represent a landowner with what can be an overwhelming amount of information when he or she is presented with a "Gas Lease", Pipeline Right of Way Agreement or similar document as well as:

  • Quiet title actions to determine ownership of oil, gas and mineral rights;

  • Preparation of quit claim deeds and other curative work to correct title defects;

  • Claims for improperly paid bonus payments;

  • Claims related to royalty payments.

Lease review and negotiation

If you are approached by a gas company, you need unbiased advice as to your options. We will review the lease.  It may be appropriate to attempt to negotiate a higher bonus payment and/or ensure that the lease terms are as favorable as possible to you, the landowner.  Invariably, qualified counsel can assist a landowner and make significant improvements to a lease that was written by the gas company.

Pipeline Right of Way

Even in counties far from the Marcellus shale formation, a landowner may be approached concerning pipelines and other rights of ways across his or her property. The landowner needs to know his or her rights and options.

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